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Blend color and images dropped onto the blender. IBlendit is a creative interpretation of a combination of simulation and visualisation of color mixing, and may incidentally be a genuinely useful tool in the arsenal of the graphic design artist and a fulfilling source of amusement for all.

Screenshot - Adding ItemsScreenshot - Blending

Themes Now with four funky styles and nine vibrant colors.

Status Menu Now can right-click on the body to see the blending status, and then show the file or open the color picker. You could use the blender as a file clipboard or to actually work out the average color of an image - how's that for useful!


“Watching paint blend is 100x better than watching paint dry!” 1)
- paintAddict
“Way cool for teaching kids how color mixes! Just make sure to let the parents know to lock up the kitchen blender…“
- chaosTeacher
“Before IBlendIt I didn't know what to do with my spare office time, now I blend all my documents before I trash them.”
- anon 2)
“If completely useless (but oh-so-fun) is your thing … I couldn't resist trying out … it really does relieve stress”
“Let it mix them up until they become a mosaic and if all your problems aren't solved… well, at least you're going to love imagining that they are.”
- Softpedia

Top 10 Requests

Donations temporarily disabled To submit a request 3) you must make a donation 4)

  1. User interaction with blender contents - pick & poke
  2. On eject splatter debris across the desktop
  3. Create a picture and save the result
  4. Show a color histogram
  5. Blend text, windows, the entire desktop
  6. More realistic physics (v2.0 - fluid simulation)
  7. Skins/themes - different blender styles and colors (v1.6 - right-click on base or top)
  8. Add sound effects (v1.5)
  9. Delete file upon eject (v1.4 - right-click on eject button to enable)
  10. Sparkle support (v1.02)

Release Notes

  • 2.2 Minor bug fixes
  • 2.1 Now supports 10.4 (automatically disables some Leopard effects)
  • 2.0 Fluid simulation! and fixed to use standard window controls
  • 1.6 Themes - styles and colors
    • More sounds, faster blend mode, etc - see new preferences panel
    • Useful menu (right-click on the body) that shows blending status, and allows you to select the final mixed color
  • 1.5 Basic sound effects and slightly faster blending
    • Usability bug fixes - Donate window will NOT show once you've checked the donate box!
    • Sparkle update fixed (removes need to force-quit application to complete auto-update)
  • 1.4 Move files to trash on eject (right-click on eject button to enable)
  • 1.03 Made it nag every 10 minutes, rather than every 20secs - erm… April fool?
  • 1.02 Sparkle AppCasts update enabled
  • 1.01 Slightly better physics and subtle 3D effect to particulates
  • 1.0 Initial public release
1) Feedback may be significantly paraphrased or based on perceived or projected user experience
2) We reserve the right to anonymise user names
3) We reserve the right to reword or reject requests (note that the table of “Top 10 Requests” is updated manually so there may be significant delay before your request is considered)
4) Donations do not guarantee that a requested feature is added to the application
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